We have renewed our website!

We have started a counseling service for HR professionals.

HR professionals are on the front lines of resolving human resource issues within a company, but the information they handle is often too sensitive for them to handle alone, and they may feel the need for a trusted listener. I felt that way when I was in charge of human resources.

I have provided counseling services to people including HR professionals. I have observed that HR professionals put themselves aside to help coworkers. To meet their own needs, I have started a counseling service specifically for HR people.

I am a professional counselor, but have also received counseling. This has helped to maintain my mental health. Through counseling, I have been able to deepen my self-understanding and live my life with ease.

People likely understand others no better than they understand themselves. By understanding yourself more deeply, you will better understand the people in front of you, both at work and in your personal life.

By putting into words unresolved worries or problems in your professional or personal life, these become manageable and solutions become possible.

Finally, clinical psychologists have a code of ethics and are required to maintain strict confidentiality. A confidentiality agreement is signed before counseling begins. You can rest assured that nothing you tell us will be passed on.