Recruitment and Retention Support Services for Employees with Mental Disabilities


This service coordinates the hiring and retention of employees with mental and developmental disabilities. A coordinator who is a qualified job coach with human resources experience and expertise in the employment of people with disabilities is involved throughout the process.

Service Description

  • Using our network of recruiting agents and support organizations for people with disabilities, we help you find the right person for your company in terms of skills, personality, etc.
  • During the selection process, we advise on what considerations will be necessary after the individual is hired.
  • After employment, we provide advice on efficient work methods and support to improve communication in the workplace so that the individual can adapt as soon as possible. (Job coach support)
  • We meet with the individual on a regular basis (in person or online) to identify issues at an early stage and help him or her work stably. (Support for job retention)

Fee: From 50,000 yen per month 50,000円
“Note: Public subsidies can offset some or all of the job coach and retention support fee, if eligibility requirements are met."

Counseling Services for Employees with Mental Issues


A clinical psychotherapist provides counseling services for employees with mental illness or mental disorders.
According to the survey of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, one in five people will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime. It is natural to assume that there are a certain number of people in a company who work without disclosing their mental or developmental disorders. In many cases, such employees are unable to talk to anyone even if they feel symptoms of mental illness. By seeking consultation early, we work with the company and medical care to prevent unwanted leaves of absence or resignations.

Unlike an outsourced EAP (Employee Assistance Program), if the person's difficulty is identified in the work environment, Embrace will talk with human resources after getting consent. This allows your company to detect the problem at an early stage and take appropriate action.

Service Description

  • A clinical psychotherapist will visit the workplace once a month or meet online with those who request it.
  • The company can also recommend counseling to employees who would like to receive it. Counseling and be received anonymously.
  • If necessary, we will refer you to a partner mental health clinic. (Only in Tokyo at this time)

Fee: 15,000 yen per session (60 minutes)

Coaching for Developing Leaders to Manage a diverse team


We provide both skill and mental health support for leaders who manage diverse human resources.
In recent years, with the focus on psychological safety in organizations and the spread of 1-on-1 meetings and other initiatives, leaders are required not only to manage tasks but also to provide leadership that brings together diverse team members and produces results.

Through coaching, we aim to cultivate the management skills of leaders and help them deepen their own self-understanding and grow together with their team members.

Service Description

  • A clinical psychotherapist will conduct an online interview once a month.
  • Specific team management skills will be provided according to the issues of the manager, such as how to deal with subordinates with developmental disabilities, how to coach subordinates without harassment, etc.
  • Counseling is provided to promote self-understanding and self-improvement of the leader.

Fee: 20,000 yen per session (90 minutes)

Counseling Services for HR Professionals


This is a counseling service for HR professionals.
HR professionals receive a variety of consultations from within the company and are often scrambling to resolve issues on a daily basis, leaving their own care to take a backseat. Take care of yourself before your mind becomes exhausted. If you feel the need to talk to someone who has no vested interest in your situation, why not talk to a trusted professional? By putting it into words, you will feel more relaxed, and you will be able to tackle your daily work with a positive attitude.

Service Description

  • A clinical psychologist with a background as a human resources manager and 17 years of counseling experience will meet with you online.
  • The content of the consultation can be about work, personal life, or any other topic.
  • Confidentiality is strictly observed, and the content of the consultation will not be shared with outside parties.

Fee: 10,000 yen (60 minutes) per session 
“Note: This service is for individual contracts only."